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A Love Story

You guys! You guys!

This was the most AMAZING love story! CLICK HERE to listen to episode 10 of season 2!

We thought we were interviewing an author about their book written for (outside) children about DID, but it became about their journey of love while discovering DID.


These two grew up together, and dated throughout high school and college, and then finally got married and started their family. Listen to their story! It’s so touching, from him being a witness to some of what she endured to her fighting through medical dramas and even having surgeries to find out what was wrong to ultimately being diagnosed with DID. Deciding together to make this a part of their life, rather than feel like their lives were disrupted by it, they looked for a way to talk about it with their (outside) children. That’s when they wrote their book: The Patchwork Quilt (CLICK HERE TO SEE ON AMAZON).

patchwork quilt.png

Beautifully illustrated by their niece, The Patchwork Quilt is an excellent resource for both outside children and inside Littles. Simple but profound, it’s also just a wonderful metaphor for explaining DID to adults and other support people, as well. We are so grateful for Jeff taking the time to tell us their story-behind-the-story!

Guest: Matt Pappas from BeyondYourPast.com

Dr. E interviewed Matt Pappas in episode 15!

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Matt is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner at BeyondYourPast.com, as well as a Podcast Host and Survivor Advocate.  He specializes in overcoming anxiety and working with trauma survivors as they navigate daily life.  As a trauma informed coach and survivor himself, he is keenly aware of the unique struggles that survivors must work through in order to heal. 

In addition to his own coaching business, he also is the co-host of the Daily Recovery Support Calls on CPTSDfoundation.org, which offers trauma informed support, 7 days a week...and he operates TealRibbonCreations.com - a web design and podcasting service for Mental Health Professionals, Advocates, and Survivors. 

Matt believes that we all have the power inside of us to take our life back from anxiety and overcome what's been holding us back from being the person we truly want to be. 

 Twitter & Instagram: @BeyondYourPast