Emma's Journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder


Conference Survey

Please take our survey as part of the Plural Positivity Conference!

It is anonymous, and all data is unidentifiable. The general results will be shared during the Plural Positivity Conference.

It is also SSL encrypted. We strive to ensure that user data is kept secure, and that we collect only as much personal data as is required to make our users’ experience as efficient and satisfying as possible. We also aim to collect data in the most unobtrusive manner possible. We aim to be transparent about our security infrastructure and practices to help reassure you that your data is sufficiently protected. For more details, see the Security Statement.

As the survey is about the experience of dissociation, there are some questions related to trauma. However, this is not a survey about trauma, and the trauma questions are not expanded in depth otherwise. Still, please be aware of this as a trigger warning prior to the survey, and take care of yourself during and after the survey. As many insiders who want to take the survey are welcome to do so.

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Emma Sunshaw