Emma's Journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder


Healing Together

We are at the conference in Florida!


It’s been super intense, with lots of triggers and difficult content.

But it’s also been amazing, watching people care for each other well, survivors support one another, and seeing friends practicing such good self-care. We are really blown away by it all! It’s been too much for us for very much social interaction, but we have learned a lot and are proud to be here.


We attended one session this morning and one session this afternoon. You can here about it on Dr. E’s podcast, Healing Together, Part 1. We tried to take lots of notes for our therapist, and will talk about them with her, but also shared with you what we learned. Here are some of the graphics we discussed in the podcast:


One thing that was completely unexpected about this conference has been the sense of community.

Here, people are very open about their DID, and there is a movement of “pride” within the plural community.

It’s been touching to see the power of connecting with others, even within our own limitations, and the vulnerable sharing of participants in different sessions.

It’s given me new insights, even, into our own podcast and why we started it - not just to face fears about recording ourselves, or to educate via podcast since we had only found YouTube videos, or even to document our own progress… but also to simply speak up, to break our silence, to use our own voice.

That’s been a pretty powerful realization, no matter what we learned today or what we learn tomorrow.