Emma's Journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder


AIM "Healing Together" Survey

We are so excited to be heading to Orlando this week for the Infinite Mind “Healing Together” conference this next weekend!

As we mentioned on the podcast, they have a survey up for anyone with a dissociative disorder. It’s a great opportunity to (safely) participate in good research. CLICK HERE for the link!

The survey was pretty triggering for us, just as a heads up. There were flashing faces that you saw quickly and had to choose the emotion being expressed. While not a difficult task, this was really triggering to us, and we aren’t sure why. It felt in part due to the flashing pictures, and in part to some of the expressions we saw. None of it was in and of itself anything terrible or inappropriate or unsafe by any means, but somehow the process triggered something that did not feel good.

After that section, there were a series of surveys about different topics. One was just general demographic information, some of which was kind of funny because we would answer it differently depending on who was out. Another seemed to be about depression type symptoms, and for us those all go to our insider who is the mother of the outside children. The other questions were about trauma, which actually caused a switch for us because they were so direct and heavy (and Emma doesn’t remember all that anyway), and different experiences regarding dissociation. It was not so hard that we couldn’t get through it, but it took us almost an hour and a lot of self-care.

Be sure to participate if you are able, as it is very helpful and they have a goal of getting 200 responses.

But also remember good self-care during and after, as always, due to some of the content in the survey.