Emma's Journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder


More About Littles

Sasha wanted to add more to the discussion about Littles. In episode six of season two, she shared her own perspective about how time applies (and doesn’t apply) inside a DID system. We did learn after the previous episode that the video the listener was reference was this one, by The Entropy System:

Sasha shared some about how some Littles stop aging due to a traumatic event, and others stop aging when they aren’t required to function as much in the external world anymore. Other times it happens due to a new alter taking over that role due to new trauma or some other reason. There can be lots of reasons, and each system will be unique both in how this happens and their understanding of it.

One thing she is becoming aware of, though, is how much you can learn from Littles within your own system. One example of this she gave was John, who helps us notice when we make positive changes. He likes to pass out “badges” (stickers he got from the therapist) to us and to the husband when we make healthy or empowered choices differently than we would in the past. We promised a picture, and here you go!