Emma's Journey with Dissociative Identity Disorder


Sasha's Podcast

Okay, so maybe it isn’t MY podcast, but I am so excited!

I think (I hope??!!) this will be a good way to reach out to people, or at least a new way to reach out to people. We are super crazy busy trying to keep up with real life, outside kids, and DID, so don’t get very much time to sit and watch videos. The videos were awesome, but we just don’t have time to sit and watch very many very often. I wondered if other people had the same problem, and so have been searching for podcasts that share about DID. When I couldn’t find very many, I decided to try doing one! It’s a big deal, way outside our comfort zone, and super scary. But we are trying it!

I am so freaking proud of us!

It’s also kind of the first time we have worked together at ANYTHING, so that’s good for us, too.

We maybe will also learn from each other as we go, so that’s my idea!

Here we go!

Love, Sasha

P.S. Lots of people asked us about the bear. Our T gave it to us! We love it!